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Let's build the Silicon Valley of our dreams in 2018

Silicon Valley has a reputation of being a land of dreams — a place where creativity and ingenuity can grow and prosper. Yet those dreams are sorely out of reach for thousands of hard-working families.

We know it doesn’t have to be that way. We believe the workers who lay the foundation for Silicon Valley’s boom — teachers, construction workers, janitors, cafeteria workers, security officers, shuttle bus drivers — deserve to share in our region’s success and stay in the communities they call home.

In 2017, we took some big steps towards an economy built on inclusive prosperity and dignity for all workers:

2017: By the Numbers

As we move into 2018:

  • We will be resolute in defending all that working families have won, and in resisting attacks from Washington;
  • We will mobilize those who will be most affected by Google’s proposed San Jose mega-campus to ensure the project includes good jobs, affordable housing, and other community benefits;
  • We will join with local and regional partners to develop bold strategies for preserving housing affordability, protecting seniors and renting families, and producing new affordable housing.
  • We will be bolder than ever in our dreams, and in building the power of working families to turn those dreams into reality.

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Through two decades of grassroots organizing and public policy innovation, we and our partners have built a base of over 60,000 people in the communities hardest hit by income inequality and Silicon Valley’s housing crisis. Now we need your help to expand this base to include new workers and community members, actively shape the future of housing and jobs in Silicon Valley, and inspire campaigns for economic justice across the nation.

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