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Join the campaign to restore $11 billion for schools, community colleges and other neighborhood services by closing California's most brazen commercial property tax loophole, and making billionaires and major corporations pay their fair share

In 1978, an underhanded tax law was passed to let major corporations get away with paying artificially low commercial property taxes. Forty years later, this brazen tax loophole has drained our state's finances and deteriorated our public services.

California's schools, health clinics, parks and other vital services have all suffered. Our public education used to be the best in the nation – now it is among the worst. The money has instead been pocketed by major multinational corporations. By 2019, this loophole will cost Santa Clara County alone over $1 billion per year.

Sign on to say you'll help reclaim $11 billion dollars a year by passing Schools and Communities First.

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